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Over the next five years Linda Kendal and her team worked diligently to build the courier service under the Jetpak franchise. In 1998 BWIA took a decision to recall the franchise forcing Mrs. Kendal and her team to go solo. They operated under the name JSL Services until a new name was established.

On August 01st 1999 the new name JSL Speedpak Services Limited in Trinidad and Jsl Speedpak Services Inc. in Miami was launched. We kept the initial "JSL" (which stands for "Jesus Saves Lives") and added the name "SPEEDPAK", which accurately describes the way we continue to operate our service.

Our new motto "SERVICE IS OUR DRIVING FORCE" was created because JSL Speedpak is not just in the courier business, but in the customer satisfaction business. The customer's needs will continue to be our driving force. The JSL Speedpak team in Trinidad and Miami continued to satisfy the expanding needs of our growing customer base, by providing a variety of services to suite their every need.

On December'03 Linda Kendal decided to pass on her legacy of Jsl Speedpak Services, to her three kids Nigel, Curtis and Ayana Kendal. They later formed a partner ship called C.A.N. and has continued to provide Jsl's customers with the same dedication to service that has been handed down to their generation. With God's guidance, C.A.N. has vowed to use technology to improve their customer's experience and they also intend to expand Jsl's reach into the different islands of the Caribbean.

There is a scripture in the bible that reads 'Treat others the way you would like to be treated'. It is this wisdom that fuels our desire to serve. We believe strongly in the word of God and use it as a guide in our daily operations. This has brought us immeasurable success over the years and without the direction and wisdom of God, Jsl would not be the company it is today.

We dedicate all our success to the only one that deserves praise, thank you God.

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