Shop America


Shop America Service:

This service allows J.S.L. Speedpak to do your shopping for you. This includes delivery of the purchased merchandise to your door. This is a smart way to shop for all your urgent and occasional items as seen on TV or on your favorite websites. We are also capable of handling purchase order requests for large machinery parts. Shop America eliminates the need for;

  • Overseas Travel
  • Customs Clearance
  • Purchasing Bank Drafts
  • Acquiring US Currency
  • Making expensive wire transfers.

How does it work?

As a Gold and Platinum member, you have access from your online Classic Mail Box account to submit Shop America requests directly to our purchasing agent. As the agent processes your requests the payment for the purchase can be made at our local office in TT dollars. Once the payment is updated on your Shop America form, the purchase is made as per your instructions. Once the item arrives at our warehouse in Miami it is verified by our warehouse agents to be in good condition and is a match for the item information listed on the Shop America form. The merchandise is then processed under the customer’s account and shipped out to Trinidad on the next available flight. When the shipment arrives in Trinidad it is cleared through customs and the customer is notified of its arrival. An invoice is then generated that will include any balance from the Shop America purchase, the shipping charges and any customs fees applied.

It is important to note that our Shop America agent is also available to assist with RMA (Return Merchandise) forms for packages that were purchased through our Shop America service. Although the return shipping will be either the customer’s or the supplier’s responsibility our agent will be happy to make the shipping arrangements to ensure the package is returned to the supplier as they instructed.

In relation to businesses, Shop America is a great addition to your purchasing department. It provides an additional option for acquiring merchandise from the U.S., as well as gaining a wealth of knowledge from our purchasing agent who has over a decade of experience. Shop America can also act as a personal assistant for the customers who are just interested in having someone assist in making purchases of personal items. Our agent can recommend different sites and cost saving options when making purchases.

If you are interested please feel free to contact us.